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At E3 Agriculture, we're modernizing the economy by providing sustainable raw materials and introducing innovative production methods to help protect the planet and connect people to a greater purpose.
There is a full spectrum of opportunities for manufacturers through plant-based derivatives - from the marine, automotive, and flooring industries, to consumer goods, and even rocket fuel. Our proprietary process leeches harmful chemicals from the soil while sequestering carbon, eliminating pollutants and cleaning the environment around it. We've discovered how to harness these capabilities, and we're using them to transform businesses and industries at large.

Eco-innovators, at your service.

Our world-class research & development team has the resources and ingenuity to bring your plant-based polymer, plastics, or composite idea to life. Click below to get started.

Versatile, durable products.

Versatile growing ability, little need for pesticides, and robust cross-industrial applications are just some of the ways we're helping businesses benefit from sustainability.

Save money while you save the planet.

Local supply chains and renewable raw materials contribute to a higher ROI. E3 Agriculture offers a range of sustainable, plant-based solutions for your farm or business.


The Earth Endeavor

Global demand for consumable goods and infrastructure is exploding, but the resources that carried us to this point are finite and non-renewable. Our goal is to empower businesses to meet this demand while ushering in a post-petroleum, more regenerative form of production.

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